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Tanya Lowrance

Tanya was born in the heart of Oklahoma with a passion for art. As a young child her mother provided her with drawing tablets and colored pencils instead of coloring books since Tanya did not care to “color inside the lines.” Her talent for art was encouraged and developed under her high school art teacher and mentor, Paul Walsh, and university professor Bob Sieg, who encouraged her to be true to herself as an artist.


Tanya works with a variety of media - acrylics, oils, water color, graphite, photography, and various printmaking methods. She frequently combines materials to create movement, energy and texture to her work. Tanya believes each art piece “should convey a story or feeling in such a way that the viewer becomes emotionally and or spiritually involved with the piece.” She has long admired Edward Hopper’s work because of the “journey” he portrays.


Much of Tanya’s work reflects simple rural Oklahoma scenes and landscapes. She has also developed an affinity for WWII planes. A part of her artwork has been inspired by her four grandchildren who have challenged her to see the world as they do. Tanya believes that Picasso said it best - “It takes a long time to become young.”

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