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Stacey Jones

Stacey Jones love for arts and crafts began in childhood.  She could usually be found off by herself creating her own dollhouse furniture or building sculptures out of found objects.  In college Stacey minored in art.  She worked in ceramics, drawing, and computer design.  After college she didn't do much with art but in the last couple of years Stacey has renewed her interest.  She is currently working in papier-mâché and has created a few projects so far and is excited about the possibilities for the future.  


As Stacey studies the world around here for inspiration, she begins to notice the intricate details in the simplest things such as a leaf, a flower, snowflake, or the fur of an animal.  There is an awe inspiring beauty in nature which reminds Stacey that God shows Himself through What He has created.  Working in art again gives Stacey the opportunity to truly appreciate this beauty in a new and wonderful way.  A true blessing from the greatest artist and creator of all!


On the glorious splendor of Your majesty and on Your wonderful works, I will meditate.  (Psalm 145:5)

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