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Cathy Mounce

From the black and white simplicity of pencil or pen and ink drawings to a passion for photography, art has always had a special place in her heart and has influenced many aspects of Cathy's life.

An imagination and eye for balance are two important elements that have stood her well along the way. Giving dimension  and texture  to a flat plane has always been intriguing. During the past ten years, mosaics and tile have become a new passion. "Breaking tile and creating something out of bits an pieces can be very therapeutic," she has said. 



A native Texan, Cathy studied art at Denton HIgh School and the University of North Texas and even though a BBA in International Business from The University of Texas as Austin took her in a different direction for many years, art was always an important facet of her life. 


Working for the past year as a reporter and photographer at the local newspaper has allowed her not only again work with photography but to cultivate a writing skill that has long since sat on a dusty shelf.


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