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Mercy Manning

Born in Havana, Cuba and growing up in North New Jersey has given me a very colorful perspective that comes across in my art. I have no formal training but I have a well rounded and artistic view of the world.   Having travelled extensively I have made it a point to visit the local art museums and galleries.  My favorite piece of art is thousand year old cave art in Australia’s Outback.  My paintings are Abstract Acrylics and I especially love using medium to enhance the final product. "I want my art to capture your sense of sight as well as touch and bring you to your “happy place”."  Lately, I have been applying my taste for the different by painting on round wood and using household items, substituting brushes.

Abstracts in acrylic on canvas and wood.

Photograhy: Still Life and Landscapes.  Video photography


  • Kamme Art Gallery, Sanger, TX

  • The Cove, McKinney, TX

  • ArtLoveMagic; Celebrates Women: 03/11/2016 to 03/31/2016- Janet Kennedy Art Gallery

  • Mckinney Art Guild Juried Art show

  • No Tie Event benefiting Aids Services of Dallas.

  • Sugar Ridge Winery, Mercy Red, wine named after me and wine label is my painting, “Clifford”.

  • Private sales



Mckinney Art and Music Guild, GAVA, Greater Denton Arts Council

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