Meet the Judge

Shawn Storer

We are excited to announce that Shawn Storer is the judge our 2019 Fall Art Exhibition! He will be judging all the GAVA awards for Feel the Power Exhibition. 

Shawn Storer is truly a modern-day renaissance man and is a #creativeleader who believes in #creativeleadership. Holding a doctorate in conducting, Shawn has performed orchestra, opera, and musical theatre on many of the world’s greatest stages. Always a trailblazer and collaborator, Shawn was an inaugural member of the American Academy of Conducting at the Aspen Music Festival and has partnered with organizations to create music programming featuring live art and silent film accompaniment.


As an artist, Shawn creates dynamic and unique statement pieces. Equally at home across multiple mediums, Shawn is passionate about variety, flexibility, and versatility. He is an avid painter, potter, sculptor, and sketcher, having won awards across all mediums. His works are regularly displayed in art galleries and online juried art exhibitions. Additionally, Shawn has been a member of multiple arts advisory boards, including both city, public, and private galleries.


Shawn also brings his creativity into the business world, having been recognized as one of the Top 50 Leaders in Learning & Development, 2019, Americas. He has carved a niche as an influential thought leader in the areas of culture, strategy, leadership, learning and development, talent acquisition and management, human resources, total compensation, sales, customer experience, training and quality assurance. A highly sought-after
collaborator and partner, Shawn is a frequent guest speaker, offering expertise on culture, leadership, and core values. His inspiring keynote addresses have led him to chair multiple international Chief Learning Officer style forums and symposiums. With a keen eye on developing emerging leaders, Shawn creates leadership programs and is the Academic Director of the Southern Methodist University, Cox School of Business, Executive Education
Aspiring Manager Program.

For more information, please visit his website:

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