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Katie Brinkley

Katie has always had an interest in drawing and painting since childhood. Her interest in art and desire to help people in need led her to her first profession in orthotics and prosthetics, where she has had an outlet to create art in designing and fabricating braces and prosthetic limbs for people. Though working in the medical profession, she maintained a focus in continuing to develop her art through the years, transitioning to a full time art career in 2021. She focuses on mural painting, both indoor and outdoor, which is her outlet to work on a large scale. On a small scale, she works mostly in acrylics.


She likes to experiment with different ideas and techniques, with varied subjects. Her work is inspired by her life experiences and passions. "My fascination with art is that it is never wrong---it is my expression and how I interpret things---in a world that so often feels black and white, that comforts me."


In 2021, Katie opened Vantage Point Art Gallery with a vision to provide local artists like herself a space to display their art, enliven the Downtown Gainesville art scene and create a place of community for creatives. 

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