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Kathleen Mekailek

As an artist, I tend to draw inspiration from the land around me.  I see the beauty in an abandoned well, a piece of sand, a damaged tree.  I believe the world is a place of beauty and want to bring my interpretation of this for others to see.  I try to capture beauty in rustic and abandoned places and want to seize moments in time before they are lost forever.  I believe that by bringing attention to things that are often overlooked or taken for granted, others will have their minds opened and appreciate the special world they are surrounded by everyday.


Since being diagnosed with severe RA and undergoing eight surgeries since 2013, I try to bring beauty everywhere I go and have been known to hand out photographs to people who look like they need a distraction.  I also believe that art should be accessible to all and use heavy textures in my paintings that are sealed to protect from damage and I encourage people to feel them. I use this technique so that people with sensory/tactile issues and the visually impaired can enjoy my work along with the general population.


One of my greatest joys comes from watching people close their eyes and touch the textures; a huge smile will come across the faces of those who truly immerse themselves in the experience. And, that one smile from a adult or child makes it all worthwhile.To view Kathleen's CV click HERE>

Contact Kathleen via email - click HERE> or call 940-300-6551

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