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Dan Sloane

Tioga Dan (AKA Dan Sloane) chose to make a life in Tioga, Texas, a small rural north Texas town. A Virginia transplant, he now resides there with his wife, Janet and son, Isaac, who also is a budding artist and musician. Dan is known to be unconventional in his approach to life...and makes no apologies for it. Having never met a stranger, he easily opens himself up conversationally as well as his home to all who come by.
If you are ever near Tioga, drop by and say "hi". You may find him working on his '51 Hudson Hornet, or any of the multiple antique motorcycles in what he calls his 'ratty bike shop'. Of course more than likely he will be at work on another piece of art or practicing his guitar. Either way, work or play, sit a spell, and learn the Texas art of 'spinning a yarn'.~Janet
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