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Chrissy Croninger

Christina  (or Chrissy for short) was born in Denton, Texas, on April 8, 1996. The first half of her childhood was spent in Pilot Point, Texas, until the age of ten. But then her family and she later moved to Gainesville, Texas - more specifically Lake Kiowa - in the summer of 2006. Her parents and grandparents on both sides of my family are artists and had gone to college for art at some points in their lives. Chrissy's two younger sisters, Cari and Jackie, are very talented artists as well, who focus mostly on animation and graphic art while I focus on traditional mediums. As of May 2019, she is a graduate of an awesome Liberal Arts college called Austin College in Sherman, Texas. That is the place she gives most credit to for my personal and academic development. Austin College has definitely shaped both Chrissy as a person and also her art in terms of content, interest in different mediums, and composition. At Austin College, she learned to enhance and explore her drawing and painting skills even further while also learning to work with metal, ceramics, and sculpture. Her preferred medium now is soft color pencil. 


While Chrissy enjoys being an artist and mastering certain techniques, she also enjoys being an active citizen. She has grown a lot more interested while simultaneously concerned for our current political, social, and economic growth as a nation and find that her art can be a gateway and a message to the public about how our nation should be viewed in the moment. Chrissy's diverse studies at Austin College have influenced her work majorly and speaking and communicating to people through art is an ultimate goal of hers to which she hopes it can promote not only social, political and economic activism, but provoke critical thinking and intellectual rhetoric in our lacking society.

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Julian Assange - Color Pencil.jpg
Butterfly - Acrylic.jpg
Inocian Family Portrait - Oil.jpg
Dragonfly - Sculpture - Aluminum and Ste
Doctors Lounge of Psych Ward - WNJ Hospi
Sunset House - Color Pencil.jpg
Mark Monroes House - Color Pencil.jpg
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