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Brent Hirak 

Brent spent a decade as an expatriate, six years as a USAF PJ, more than thirteen years of formal study in the humanities, and for as long as he can remember, he has worked toward a more thorough understanding of photography and video.  These experiences shape his thinking as an educator and an artist. Brent uses the artistic process to order and extend his consciousness, and wants his images to do the same. Brent wants to share the joy of art with others in hopes so that we can learn, grow, and ultimately investigate what it means to be human.


As a teacher, Brent adopts the role of mediator, which requires dexterous classroom management skills, self and subject confidence, experience, and willingness to arrive at any number of outcomes. He has taught in universities, colleges, public schools and commercial institutions, with multicultural, special needs, elder, autistic and youth at risk populations.  Brent continues to hone his skills and cultivated particular techniques to help others realize the potential of their own art and process.


Brent's art combines photography and video to invoke hyper-real comments on shared condition, one which is uncertain, malleable, and contingent. His specific subject matter is difficult to pin down as he believes in the necessity to explore everyday experience as art. Brent wants it to help viewers investigate secret trauma, social function, the sublime, and beauty.  Arizona is his birthplace and he has come to realize that the desert and arid lands continue to sing their songs too him.  Brent has a BA in History, an MFA in photography and an MA in Art Education.  Brent's three cats are Miso, Scout, and Astro Boy.

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Charles Brent Hirak 940.312.2762

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