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Zack Brown

Although he was ardent in his actions to protect his community he was destroying his life, his family’s lives and his personal and professional relationships from within.  His inner battles took a destructive path, similar to that of a tornado, resulting in a significant damage to himself and many of those around him. Recognizing after nearly losing everything he’d cared for and finding little reason to continue his life Zack set out to help himself right his wrongs by helping others climb out of the dangerous tumult he found himself in. He vowed to never let PTS beat him and enable his demons to win this different type of battle and to go “Always Forward”. His non-profit Casualties of War was born out of one man’s perpetual defeat of PTS. His new battle is to help others fight, by connecting them with needed resources, advocates, support agencies, etcetera to give warriors the weapons they need to be victorious on the battlefield of their scarred and wounded mind.   

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