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​​​Sheila has been interested in art from childhood, motivated by her love of horses. Later she became interested in commercial art. Her commercial art experience led her into the editorial field where she eventually became a magazine writer and editor. Though Sheila’s editorial career took most of her time, she continued to draw, paint and sculpt, taking evening classes at local colleges. When she retired, she took up painting again, influenced by the art and portrait workshops of Western artist Xiang Zhang.

Sheila’s love of art increased as she took art history and advanced painting classes in college and was fortunate to visit many of the world’s major art galleries and museums. She found that seeing the work of the great masters, from da Vinci to Monet, lifts human spirits and inspires creative efforts.

Sheila paints primarily in oils, usually of horses or Western themes, though she has painted landscapes and portraits as well. Graham states, “King, my beautiful chestnut quarter horse, is my muse.”

Media: Oil Painting & Sculpture

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Sheila Graham.

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