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Julie Lemons

Julie Lemons's imagination is kept alive by her involvement in local galleries/art guilds, serving in the Lincoln Artists’ Guild (past president), serving in the Association of Nebraska Art Clubs (past president), 14 years at Noyes Art Gallery (Nebraska) and designing Graphics for over 30 years. Julie holds a B.A. in Graphic Design. She has written and illustrated her first art book "Naturally Wild" three years ago, plus have illustrations in two other books "Eliza the Pig" by Author Alexandra McClanahan and "Always on Target: Adventurous Annie Oakley" by Charlotte Endorf.

Encouraging others in art is important to Julie. Her latest adventure includes recently opening an art gallery in Krum, Texas (Blue Diamond Art Gallery) with her daughter, Jennifer Hougbenou. This creative platform allows her to display other artists' works of art and share her skills by teaching art classes! 


"Art goes beyond a blank piece of paper and starts when the idea and desire to create something new becomes an urge that pushes the creativity. Then the medium of choice dances on the surface."


Julie's art experience began with the help of my mother. She supplied the materials, guidance, and taught her how to color within the lines when I was two. That is where realism began for Julie. Her husband, family and friends are her best supporters and healthy critics of her work.

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