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Gwen Carver.

Gwen Carver has been a member of Gainesville Area Visual Arts since 1992.

She has always had an interest in drawing and as a child Gwen loved coloring with crayons. It wasn’t until after her children were born, however, that she began to get interested in art again, and took her first college class in the evening, studying watercolor. She loved it. She joined an art club and became involved in many aspects of the visual arts.

After attending multiple workshops in different media, including acrylic with Jerry Yarnell, she settled into acrylic and oil with occasional color pencil renderings. She also has a large collection of teaching videos and books by Jerry Yarnell, and oil painting with Helen Van Wyke. Van Wyke’s methods of painting, using old master techniques with good tonal under painting and over glazing, gave Gwen’s work a richness of color. Additionally, portrait painting techniques from Van Wyke provided Gwen further beneficial lessons.​

Watercolor and pastel are media in which Gwen is still striving for improvement. As with many artists, mastering different media energizes her work in general. Gwen would like to explore the soft skin tones and animal skin and fur which lend themselves well to pastels. Gwen believes God gives each individual something special. Though she’d always hoped to become a singer, she found that her talent for creating visual art is her strength and she hopes to continue to create to please her creator.

Media: Oil


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