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Garry Goerdel

Although Garry is new to GAVA, he has created art for almost 70 years, over 30 of those at a professional level.  Garry was born and grew up in central Texas and raised his family in the Texas Hill Country.  He has always loved the outdoors and spent his summers on horseback working cattle from ages 12 to 20.   Garry reflects this history in his paintings from the many memories he has of this time. 


Garry’s love for art started at a young age, as his talent was encouraged along the way.  He earned a bachelor’s degree in art education from Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches and began a long professional career in art.  He was a Staff Artist for the State of Texas illustrating magazine covers and textbooks, creating logos, designing brochures, and developing artwork for official state documents.  He then went into a private partnership T-shirt business where he was the creative partner, designing T-shirts, primarily a Texas line called High Noon. 


In retirement, Garry enjoys painting at his own direction.  While his professional career focused on watercolor, his passion is in oil.  He loves the richness and intensity of color in oils, and he likes the flexibility that working in oils affords -  the ability to control effects he’s striving for.  Garry enjoys working in a broad range of styles because of the creativity, focus and challenge to continue improving his craft.  His styles range from abstract to landscapes, western subject matters, and humorous watercolor illustrations.  His expressionist pieces are a blend of realism and abstract. 


Some of his work can be seen at his website,

Contact Garry via email - click HERE >

Garry Goerdel Afternoon Shade.tiff
Gerry_IMG_9348 copy.jpeg
Garry Goerdel Uncle Joe on the Creek Bank.tiff
Garry Goerdel Hang Tight.tiff
Garry Goerdel A Day on the Beach.tiff
Garry Goerdel The Glass Place.tiff
Garry Goerdel Calm Before the Storm.tiff
Garry Goerdel Marfa Rain.tiff
Garry Goerdel Uncle Joe 8-B Fishing.tiff
Garry Goerdel Paradise Pointe.tiff
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