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Dulce Ruqué

Computer Systems Analyst--programmer for over 30 years until retiring from IBM

Traveled extensively throughout Europe, South America, Australia, and the US.

Associate in Arts Degree, with an emphasis in drawing and painting from the Brookhaven College, Dallas, TX.  


Studied with private artists through the years and participated in numerous workshops on design and composition.


Member of the Visual Art League of Lewisville (VAL), Visual Arts Guild of Frisco (VAGF), Visual Arts Society of Texas (VAST)

VAL current director, webmaster and technical support

Published multiple articles about the visual arts and art history.

2018 curator of the “Texas Bigger and Bold,” and the “Wild and Free”  juried exhibits, and the “Foodie” (2014).

2020 curator of the “Wondrous World,” juried show.

The organizer of installations,  “Art in Motion” (2017), and “Art City “(2018) for the MCL Grand Theater Art Gallery, Lewisville, TX.

Exhibited paintings at Premier Gallery Flower Mound TX,  Art House Flower Mound, TX, Cleo Creations Lewisville, TX, Gallery 8680 Frisco TX, The Atrium, Frisco TX, VAGF Frisco, TX, Irving Art Association, TX, GAP Grapevine, TX, MCL Grand Theater Art Gallery

Participated in the design and development of a mosaic for a base supporting a sculpture, currently installed in the City of Lewisville.  

Artist at heart, and proud and humbled to be a painter. Started to paint after retirement, although in one way or another, always kept herself involved with art. Like to use media that allows the brush to flow and express movements, such as oils, acrylics,  watercolor, and Sumi ink.

“When I paint or draw, my eyes guide me to natures’ constant change, to peoples’ characters and expressions, then I try to capture the essence and mystery of the fleeting moment, and at the end create a product of my imagination.”


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Paradise I-The Garden of      Never-Neve
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Spirited Thru Times.JPG
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