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Bob Bowser

Bob grew up in the Midwest, at an early age he learned the love of nature and animals. When his parents wanted to find him, he would be out in the woods trying to get his eye on the elusive whitetail deer. His first real interest in photography began when he was in his early 20’s. His first camera was a Yaschica 35mm with the old style roll film.

He has traveled across the United States and always found something to take a picture of. If you were to ask him what his favorite subject to photograph was, he would say wildlife and nature. He is passionate about capturing the perfect shot to bring to life what he sees. Every photo tells a story. If you watch animals in their element you can capture natural behaviors from an elk bugling, to sparing or even to simply a stare down.

After many years of being an avid outdoors man he has decided to start sharing his love of nature and what he captures through the lens of his camera. Of course the cameras of today are much different than when he first started taking pictures many years ago. He shoots with a Canon EOS T5 digital camera and loves it.  He works for East Jordan of Ardmore, OK and has become very serious about his photography since 2017 and hopes to retire from his day job to focus his time on traveling and photographing nature across the United States and traveling abroad to other countries such as Africa which is on his bucket list.

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