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Sharon Chapman.

Sharon Chapman grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania. Consequently, her world revolved around nature and its beauty. She would sit for long periods of time observing the different scenes, animals, local people, and colors in them. This is reflected in her work today.​

The only exposure to art Sharon had as a child was coloring books. She decided she wanted to do “real art” when my mother was coloring with her in a Cinderella coloring book. Her coloring was beautiful. One never knows when and how we influence children. Sharon married and spent 4 years in Japan with her husband.

Again, the Japanese culture drew her to the love of art through flower arranging, needle work, tailoring, Tea Ceremonies, music, and their architecture. Upon returning to the U.S., Sharon was a stay-at-home mom. She began her painting journey by taking a tole painting class at a local craft store, moving on to taking an oil painting class at the local recreation center. Sharon began college in the 70′s, when her youngest child started school, with a major in education and a minor in art. She has taught grades K thru 8 and also Junior High Art. She feels strongly that children’s brains develop more fully when exposed to the arts.​​

Upon retirement, Sharon has taken several more college classes and workshops. She paints for enjoyment. Sharon has a need to create regardless of what path this may take. She becomes tired of doing the same thing over and over; therefore, she moves from one medium to another quite often. She has worked with wood, clay, printmaking, oil, acrylic, watercolor, and just recently pastels. She would like to explore pastels more extensively.​

Media: Oil & Watercolor and Mixed Media


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