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Monica Fallini

Since early age, Monica was always amazed by nature and all living beings.  
She  started painting in order to fulfill a long-time desire of painting with oils, something she always wanted to learn but never found the right moment to start. It was while living in Texas in 2004 that Monica had the opportunity of studying oil painting techniques in different courses, she also took drawing and photography lessons. Monica continued studying and doing research on different styles and techniques as self-taught until today.

Monica has been painting professionally since year 2004. It is through the art of painting that she expresses her feelings, passions and emotions. She works on a loose and free style. She finds inspiration in her memories of childhood years spent near Italian ancestors and their stories and nostalgia, and especially very attached to my grandmother that influenced her in her passion for nature and flowers in particular. Several pieces were inspired by dreams people shared with her or her own dreams. Being always surrounded by the Texan countryside has been a great environment to deepen this admiration of nature and it supported Monica to create the shapes, colors and compositions on my canvas.

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