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Lowell McCormack.

​​​Lowell McCormack been working as an artist since 1989. She entered the art field in hopes of opening an art business with her daughter, an art teacher, but this was not meant to be. Lowell attended Cooke County College and received an Associates Degree in Art. She gets together with friends and paints almost every week.

Lowell appears in Who’s Who of American Women, tested for Mensa in 2004 at age 79 and was accepted as a member, has been involved in the oil business, is an author, is a founding member of the Gainesville Area Visual Arts Assoc., and has been an active member in numerous community organizations. Her leadership skills and friendliness have made her an asset to the community.

Lowell paints mostly landscapes. She has entered many area art shows and has won numerous awards. She prefers painting in oils, but also paints in watercolor and acrylics. She paints because she likes to work with her hands and keep busy. Her work depicts the area around where she lives.

Media: Oil Painting

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