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Jeanie Kelley.

​​​Jeanie Kelley is a potter ceramist. She makes her own designs and tiles.

In 1997 Jeanie took a class in college and fell in love with it. She graduated from East Texas State with a minor in art and then, a Masters in Elementary Education from North Texas Sate. In 2000, Jeanie was voted “Volunteer of the Year“ for Dallas for her work at Brian’s House, a home for children with aides. She now volunteers for CASA, Project Turning Point which is a mentoring program, and Hospice. Jeanie taught 3rd grade for 25 years. Then upon retirement, she took ceramic lessons from Earl and Sylvia Deaver and joined them at the Red River Art Gallery. She showed there for 9 years selling many pieces of work.

Jeanie has shown her work at North Central Texas College Community Art Shows, local banks, The Gainesville Depot Art Show, and local art exhibits. She has also shown at the South West Ceramic Show and won several awards.

The desire to create and try something new drives Jeanie’s work. Jeanie would like to explore batik in the future.

Media: Ceramics

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