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Geraldine Bauhaus Williams.

​​​Gerri “Bauhaus” Williams graduated in 1960 from Scripps College, CA, with a “design” major and a history minor.  Her instructor for design was Jean Ames, noted designer of many decorative mosaics for buildings in the Southern California area.

With graduate work at California State College at Los Angeles (now California State University at Los Angeles) Gerri obtained a
teaching credential in 1970. She taught in the Los Angeles area.

While living in Palos Verdes Estates, CA, and teaching painting

at the Torrance School District in Adult Education she also

belonged to a painting group called Pacific Arts. The weekly outdoor

“plain aire” painting with this group, greatly improved Gerri’s painting
abilities. She eventually became President of this group.


Most influential to Gerri’s work was her experiences abroad. Gerri’s husband, Nick, was a journalist for the Los Angeles Times. He was sent to Asia and then to the Middle East. Gerri tagged along, taking photos for his stories as well as using those photos for painting sources. Her paintings sold to other expatriates, as well as to locals.​

Gerri has had a one woman show of watercolors in Bangkok and exhibited in numerous group shows winning awards. She also exhibited with “Inky Fingers, Inc,” an international group of printmakers in Bangkok, Thailand.  Her organizational abilities resulted in establishing BAG, Bangkok Arts Group, the first multi-national “arts” organization in Bangkok.


After returning to California from overseas she studied computer graphics and produced the Events Calendar for Old Pasadena, along with designing business cards and brochures for other San Gabriel Valley organizations and businesses.​


Since retiring to Texas, Gerri has focused on her watercolors and has also continued to teach. Since illustration has always been one of her interests, she often mixes medias, enjoying the variety. Her strengths are in her ability to tackle most subjects with skills gleaned from many years of drawing, photography and teaching.​


Gerri uses her maiden name, “Bauhaus,” as her signature.​


Media: Watercolor and Mixed Media


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