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Earl Deaver.

​​Earl took his first ceramics class at the University of North Texas in the late l950’s. In the mid l960’s, he was invited to attend a National Defense Education Act Institute on Creativity at Kent State University. While there, he also worked in clay. Through out the years, Earl has taken many workshops with well known ceramic artists. He has learned processes from all of them but he does not mimic their work.​ The type of work that he does is primarily decorative. Earl uses several different types of clay to do his pieces. He also uses different types of glazes on his pieces. The types of firings that he uses are: pit fires using wood for fuel, Raku firings, electric kiln firings for cone 6 glazes and cone 10 crystalline glazes, and in his downdraft gas kiln for his cone 10 glazes that require reduction firing.​

Earl and his wife, Sylvia, owned a ceramic store and clay studio for twenty two years. While doing their ceramic pieces, they also sold ceramic supplies to the public and taught classes for children and adults.​

Earl began to sell his work in the late l960s at craft shows in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. In 1987 he sold his ceramics at the Dallas Gift Market. This led to pieces in gift stores all over the country. Filling orders was a full time job for Sylvia and Earl. Besides the gift stores, they also had original pieces of ceramics in three art galleries in the Metroplex. They were also traveling with an art show promoter selling at large art shows with other well known artists.​

Five painters and Earl opened a co-op gallery in November of l996 at a local outlet mall. The gallery grew as several artists in different media joined the co-op. They kept the gallery open for ten years before closing in 2007.​ Now, Earl and Sylvia are doing their ceramics at a slower pace and only doing those pieces that speak to them. Earl no longer does commissions and only sells those pieces that he has already made.

Media: Ceramics


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