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Diana Sanchez.

Diana Sanchez has been a working artist since 2003. After her earlier years in high school, when she dabbled in art and maintained an A average in that subject, she  set it aside for other interests and needs.

Later, she returned to studying art and received a certificate from Art Instruction Schools. Since then, she has explored additional medias besides acrylic, by exploring color, shape and value in watercolor and ink, along with adding additional painting subjects, such as animals, to her painting skills.


With Diana’s strong belief that God directs her learning and awareness of the world around her, she finds herself artistically drawn to His handiwork: flowers, birds, trees and more. Her work has a simplicity of directness and purity of color, which is delightfully sincere.

Diana joined GAVA in 2011.

Contact Diana via email - click HERE>

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