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Maudell Baker

Maudell Baker is a multi-talented person. She has had plenty of time to perfect her craft, since she is 97 years old. Not only did she begin to play the piano at age 5, taught by her mother, but she eventually became a piano teacher and an artist.

Maudell studied at North Texas State Teacher’s College as a music major and graduated as the only senior in 1934. Her relationship with her professors was unique and special, since she was the only graduating senior in that year. After marriage to Hank Baker, Maudell moved to Gainesville, TX in the 1950s and became a private piano and organ teacher. She played for the chapel at the Gainesville State School, for many years.

At some point, Maudell began to dabble with art. She attended many workshops, especially with Ernie Haring, who taught painting at what is now the Butterfield Stage building. She loves painting longhorns, horses and blue bonnets, in either oil or watercolor. Maudell traveled to Colorado during vacations with family, painting these new locations with skill.

Some of Maudell’s skills are self taught. She has won multiple awards for her work, and especially mentioned a “Best in Show” received in an exhibit at St. Jo, TX. When asked if she still has some of those paintings, she said, “I’ve got GOBS of paintings, just come on by to see them.”

Media: Oil

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